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Toilet Vaasthu Remedies !!

Toilet Vastu/Vaastu Remedies

Vaastu Shastra explains certain basic principles to follow while designing the toilets in the house. The best place for the toilet in bathroom is Northwest ( Vayavya ) direction of the house. For an attached toilet, also the Northwest side of that room is recommended as per Vaastu Shastra. The second option would be the Southeast direction.

Toilet in the Northeast gives adverse effects on the finances and prosperity of that family. Whereas toilet in Southwest direction directly affects the on the family head in terms of his health and might make him highly uncertain.

Some effective Vastu/ Vaastu Tips for toilets include:

  • Toilet seats should ideally be placed in South to North directions or West to East direction
  • Mirrors in toilets should be placed on the North or East walls only
  • The toilet walls should be painted in lighter shades and not warning colors like red and black
  • If you are designing for attached toilet in the bathroom then place WC on the West or Northwest direction and few inches above the floor level.

Toilets should not be designed in Northeast corner as it is a severe Vaastu Defect, which creates problems in health, Causes Accidents, brings unnecessary tensions and problems in progeny (descendants of that person).

Northeast  (Ishanya) is the very holy place in the building and owned by the Lord Shiva. The forehead of the Vaastupurush rests/positioned here so never design a Toilet/ Bathrooms here.

Toilets in the Southeast ( Agneya ) put up with unexpected losses, sudden problems, legal issues, excise problems, electricity gadgets accidents. Southeast is owned by Lord Agnidev, so this direction is good for fire activities like Kitchen.

Toilets in  the  Southwest ( Nairutya ) is too not good. The inmates have to face lots  of financial losses, unexpected expenses if toilets designed in Southwest. Because of magnetic energy is stored in the South west direction, thus there should not be drainage in this direction

Toilet should not be constructed under the stairs. In the same ways the toilets are not good in center area of the building

Toilet should not be made near the puja room, in the kitchen. The pooja room and /or the kitchen above the toilet are against the Vaastu principles. Toilet is acceptable only on top of the other toilet.

Color of the Toilet / Bathroom walls:

The best color is White, light gray or any pastel shade is suitable.  Avoid red and black color.


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